The Pig Idea Feast

On 21st November 2013, thousands of Londoners gathered in Trafalgar Square for the Pig Idea Feast.


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Seven of London's best restaurants served over 5,000 portions of free food, using pork that had been reared by the campaign at Stepney City Farm on a diet of food that would otherwise have been wasted. Hambassadors Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Sara Cox, Giles Coren, Valentine Warner, Stevie Parle and Bruno Loubet joined Pig Idea co-founder Thomasina Miers on stage to wow the audience with some inspiring pork-based cooking demos - from trotters to tongue!

The aim of the feast was to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the feeding of crops to pigs, and gather support for The Pig Idea campaign which aims to put food waste back on the menu for pigs.

As well as this method of feeding pigs being safe and environmentally friendly, it produces a delicious end product. We know that we all need to reduce our meat consumption drastically, and that the meat that we do eat should come from animals that have been bred and reared under the highest welfare standards; it should also come from animals that have been fed in the most sustainable way, whether that's food waste-fed pork or pasture-fed beef

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The Pig Idea Feast is supported by The Mayor of London.


The Farm

As part of the campaign, the Pig Idea team in partnership with Wahaca Mexican Restaurants reared eight pigs on London's very own Stepney City Farm

The pigs were cared for by the farm - which prides itself on its high welfare and husbandry standards - and were fed on a healthy diet based primarily on food waste that can be legally fed to pigs. Check out the Pigs' Menu below to see exactly what they tucked into!

Stepney City Farm is also dedicated to producing high quality, locally produced food and is excited to be producing pork reared on truly local feed, rather than crops from across the globe. The pork from some of these first eight waste-fed pigs was used at The Pig Idea Feast in Trafalgar Square to feed thousands of people and raise awareness of the campaign.

The Pigs' Menu


East London Okara
Organic, locally produced Okara from London's only Tofu Producer, Clean Bean of Brick Lane

Main Course

Mexican Whey & Mixed Vegetables
Locally sourced from Gringa Dairy in Peckham


Fruit Salad
A refreshing mixed platter of fresh fruit from Reynolds

To Drink

A fine selection of handcrafted ales from The White Hart Brewery*

*The pigs will be fed spent brewer's grains supplied by The White Hart Brewery.
The pigs will at no time be fed alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Pig Brother Diary